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Welcome to the DinkC Reference


This reference will provide you with a clear and concise guide to all of the wonders of DinkC, the scripting language that powers Dink Smallwood and D-Mods.

Creating Dink add-ons is not for beginners. Knowledge of C is slightly helpful but not required. In fact, C programmers are going to be more frustrated than prepared for DinkC. If you have ever programmed in any scripted or compiled language such as BASIC or Pascal, you will probably be able to pick up DinkC as easily as a C programmer. And if you have never written a program but want to try your hand, well, DinkC is a fun way to get started.

The goal of this guide is to give you a foundation. The basic concepts of DinkC are explained, the internal functions are exposed, and simple examples are detailed. But, don't think that this is an exhaustive guide of everything DinkC can do. DinkC is so versatile that you may do something no-one ever tried before, and it may work wonderfully.

If you ever get stuck, you might want to visit The Dink Network. You'll be able to find further tutorials and friendly forums full of developers willing to help you.


Latest revision: Robj
Documentation website: Kyle

Based on work from:

  • Dan Walma
  • Seth Robinson
  • Ted Shutes
  • Simon Klaebe
  • Paul Pliska
  • Tyrsis